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I hold a bachelor’s degree in history, a master’s degree in social studies education, and I am currently studying for a master’s degree in Process-Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies (otherwise known as Processwork).

For fourteen years, I worked as a high school teacher in public high schools across the United States, earning my National Board teaching certificate in 2014. For most of that time, I served as a union organizer of schools and communities around social justice issues. I also have a background in personal fitness training, bodywork, and nutrition.

In addition to Processwork, my facilitation style is strongly influenced by the principles of Structural Integration, Nonviolent Communication, Circle Work, and various schools of critical theory.

My Style and Philosophy

I primarily developed my style of working with people during my time as an educator in violently underfunded public schools - places where trauma, stress, and social toxicity meet extraordinary beauty, community, and creativity. I began with a charge to instill my useful knowledge in others. I left having realized that my true gift is curating and holding space for others to recognize their own knowledge.

I’ve learned that patterns of harmful othering are pervasive in our society and institutions. They occur around many different kinds of identity and their intersections. Working to undo these patterns sometimes feels slow and painful. Other times, it can be joyful and life-giving. But we need to prioritize the work for it to be possible, which is something everyone benefits from.

One of the most powerful ways into justice work I’ve found is through the experience of safety and belonging. These lay the groundwork for creativity, dreaming, principled struggle, and grief; which are all essential for transformation. In order to support these aims, I start with intentional community building in most settings.

Lastly, while planning is important, I believe strongly in balancing agendas with responding to what’s happening in the moment. We’re much more likely to get where we want to go when we can start where we are.

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