I offer a handful of workshops that will help you build…

  • a next-level understanding of oppression

  • personal and relational skills for working with oppression

  • community with like-minded folks


I offer coaching for individuals, relationships, and groups to help you become more effective, sustainable, and authentic in your social change efforts. Some of the avenues into this work include exploring leadership challenges, relational conflicts, dreams, body experience, or internal struggles. My style is informed primarily by the principles Processwork and Nonviolent Communication.

Conflict Facilitation

I offer conflict facilitation and training to support social change advocates with personal growth and violence prevention.

For Conferences

For conferences seeking to build strong containers for their content and relationships, I offer consulting related to establishing conference culture, affinity groups, and restorative circles. I also offer keynotes.

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I design retreats and residential experiences to support the growth and relational health of groups and individuals. Click below to learn more about my vision for this level of my work.

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