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Welcome to my free courses. I have just begun to package my work into bite-sized courses that I hope you’ll enjoy. Scroll down to see currently available courses.

I make these courses free so they can be of benefit to as many people as possible. If you appreciate the work and feel so inspired, I accept financial contributions through Venmo @boutin-james or via PayPal by going to

No need to contribute. But if you are able and feel called, your financial contributions go a long way in helping me to continue this work and make it publicly available. Thank you so much for considering.

Understanding the Essential Nature of Systems of Oppression

This course explores two essential questions:

1) What is the essential nature of systems of oppression?

2) Why do they exist?

It includes an introduction and three modules of study. The modules are entitled:

  • “Oppression and Addiction; Liberation and Recovery”

  • “The Deep Operating System”

  • “Quantum Physics and the End of Systems of Oppression”

The Work of Personal Transformation

This course is an introduction to my way of thinking about personal transformation necessary for those working for social change.

The course is under development, and it should be available toward the end of summer 2024.

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