A Civic Conversation About Artificial Intelligence

What’s a Civic Conversation About Artificial Intelligence?

Upcoming Dates

  • Check back soon! I’m currently scheduling dates for November and December. You should see some new dates for AI Civic Conversations here by November 15. And please reach out if you know of venues that may be interested in hosting one.


Advances in artificial intelligence technology are occurring at lightning speed - much faster than the general public can keep up with.

AI is literally reshaping the way we “do civilization.”

I would love to see more opportunities for the public to dialogue openly around the many issues that AI brings up for people: change, jobs, privacy, emotions, power, security, education, etc…

So, as a trained facilitator, I decided to begin hosting regular conversations about this big topic around Seattle, hoping that they would help us a) update our understanding about what’s happening in AI tech, and b) learn from those in our community about how they feel and what they have questions about.

I believe civic conversations about AI can help us practice democracy, build community, and improve our understanding and humane use of AI.

I hope you’ll consider joining us at one of the events above.


I’ve put together a beginning set of online resources to learn more about AI. Take a look and let me know what you think. Feel free to shoot me suggestions for other resources to put on this list. I know there is so much more out there.

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